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1. Which of the following is TRUE of the rules for the experimental diet shown in the film Super Size Me?

McDonald's food must be eaten for three meals per day.

Eating may stop when the person feels full.

Calorie budgets are set for each day.

At least 10,000 steps are walked each day.

2. Which of the following is TRUE of peer review when it comes to the film Super Size Me?

Peer review would have made it possible for others to accurately repeat the experiment.

The film was subjected to peer review.

Peer review was necessary for the film to win an Academy Award.

The film used adequate control groups as part of obtaining legitimacy for peer review.

See what you know about important events from the Super Size Me documentary by using this quiz and worksheet. The name of the director and the rules for the experimental diet are some topics covered on the quiz.

You can check your understanding of:

  • Other outcomes other than weight gain at the end of the experiment
  • Who the director of Super Size Me is
  • Peer review
  • The amount of physical activity that the filmmaker took part in
  • The rules of the experimental diet

  • Information recall - access the knowledge you have gained about the rules that the filmmaker had to follow in this documentary
  • Interpreting information - verify that you can read information about the effects of this experiment and interpret them correctly
  • Reading comprehension - ensure that you draw the most important information from the lesson on Super Size Me

Keep learning using the lesson named Super Size Me Movie: Facts & Summary. Other things you can review include:

  • The importance of diet and exercise
  • The concept and purpose of Super Size Me
  • The medical controversy regarding this documentary

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